Backyard Project - Before

Backyard Pool Deck (Tear Down & Rebuild) - Before

Backyard Project - After

Backyard Pool Deck Project - After

Outdoor Deck Projects-JEM Renovation

Outdoor Deck & Kitchen Project

Outdoor Kitchen-JEM Renovations

Outdoor Grill Station & Deck Project

Ceiling Tiles-JEM Renovations

Office Renovation Ceiling Tile Project

Wall Build-JEM Renovations

Commercial Wall Build Project

Hardwood Install-JEM Renovations

Hardwood Floor Installation

Roofing-JEM Renovations

Roof Repair Project

Floor Install-JEM Renovations

Floor Installation Project

Drywall Repair-JEM Renovations

Drywall Repair

Office Renovation-JEM Renovations

Office Renovation

Roof and Outdoor Living Remodel

Old Roof and Outdoor Living Space Remodel - BEFORE

New Roof

New Roof - After I Outdoor Living Space BEFORE

outdoor Living Space & Pool Decks

Outdoor Living Space & Pool Decks - AFTER

Outdoor Grill Area & Decks

Outdoor Grill Area & Decks

Drywall Repair-JEM Renovations

Drywall Repair (water damage)

Deck Work-JEM Renovations

Outdoor Cook Area & Decking

Outdoor Cook Area-JEM Renovations

Outdoor Cook Area

Bathroom Renovation-JEM Renovations

Bathroom Renovation & Tile Work

Bathroom Improvements-JEM Renovatons

Bathroom Improvements

Bathroom Project-JEM Renovations

Bathroom Project

Bathroom Construction-JEM Renovation

Bathroom Construction

Kitche Remodel-JEM Renovations

Kitchen Remodel - BEFORE

Kitchen Remodel-JEM Renovations

Kitchen Remodel-AFTER

Gallery: Photos Of Some Of Our Past Projects

Here are some of JEM Renovations past projects.  JEM Renovations is a complete home improvement and commercial construction company.  Based in Hamilton Ontario, JEM Renovations covers most of Southern Ontario and The Golden Horseshoe.  Call us for a FREE Estimate (905) 961-6157.

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Outdoor Cook Area-JEM Renovations

Outdoor Cook Area